Animal Art

Charlotte Dumas at Julie Saul is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Daily Pic: Charlotte Dumas shows funerary horses at rest.

"Repose, Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, 2012," by Charlotte Dumas (Courtesy Julie Saul Gallery, New York)

This photo of a sleeping funerary horse from Arlington National Cemetery is by Charlotte Dumas, and is now in her solo show at Julie Saul Gallery in New York. Her shots of these horses are lovely, but come too close to picture-postcard animal aesthetics for my liking. What I found really gripping were the videos of the same sleeping beasts. (Click on the image to view a clip that I shot.) The videos capture the strange half-waking state the horses seem to be in, even at rest, and make clear just how different their behaviors are than our own. Their extreme vulnerability, and utter dependence on humans, also seems palpable.

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