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Chelsea Clinton Takes NBC Reporting to the Next Level, Interviews Stella McCartney

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The Clinton household, a safe haven for scrunchies and pantsuits, is on a fashion crusade! Earlier this month, Hillary Clinton blew some stylized minds when presenting Oscar de la Renta with a CFDA Founder’s Award. Equally noteworthy is today’s news that her daughter, Chelsea, has interviewed designer Stella McCartney for a segment on this week’s episode of Rock Center with Brian Williams.

The spot is based on Clinton’s dietary preferences. In an article previewing the segment, Clinton writes that her very first vegetarian cookbook was Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, a title penned by Stella’s own mother. (Clinton also points out that she is no longer a vegetarian.) As NBC describes it “Chelsea Clinton admires vegetarian stands taken by Stella, [and] Linda McCartney.”

Stella McCartney has long been known to eschew animal-derived materials in her designs. As Clinton writes: “[Stella] has catalyzed the development of new luxury products that gorgeously resemble leather, fur or skin, but aren’t.”

Getting cutesy, Chelsea continued “As I found her mother and her mother’s cookbook charming and impressive, I found Stella equally so and more.” The interview will air on Friday evening.