Chloë Sevigny’s Protest Moment

Her presentation for her new Opening Ceremony collection featured girl bands, mod dresses—and lots of clogs.

Cindy Ord/Getty

It's not at every presentation that you see a sign that reads: "Time To Have Sex." But that poster was front and center at Chloë Sevigny's Protest Moment Sevigny's presentation for her latest Opening Ceremony collection, which took place on Saturday afternoon in an old church on St. Mark's Place.Five girl bands -- including Kim Gordon and Lissy Trullie -- dressed in pieces from the collection, took turns playing on different sides of the room. Models (regular girls found on the street) held protest signs, and gave the collection the feel of girl riots. And in the middle of it was Sevigny, arms crossed in a blue turtleneck, skirt, and black and white gogo boots.Later, sipping a big bottle of water and sitting on a step in the church, Sevigny said she had chosen to put herself in the presentation "so I didn't have to talk to anybody. If people come in and want to talk to you, then the focus wouldn't be on the bands."The collection featured mod A-line dresses, berets, striped knee socks and -- this being the creation of Sevigny -- lots and lots of clogs. "When I was a teen I had an obsession with the Sixties," Sevigny told us. For the collection, she says, "I think most teenagers do, because it was an amazing time for youth. I was looking a lot at protest images, and they look really sweet -- but you know they're out there fighting for something really gnarly."