‘Chop Their Heads Off’ and More of Ted Nugent’s Crazy Comments (Video)

Ted Nugent’s most controversial comments.

Randy Snyder / Getty Images

‘Chop their Heads Off’, 2012

Nugent got in some trouble over comments he made at the National Rifle Association conference. “If Barack Obama becomes the president again in November,” he said. “I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” Citing the American Revolution, he added, “We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November.” The Secret Service confirmed that it is looking into the comments, but Nugent said the controversy is “silly” and promised, “The conclusion will be obvious that I threatened no one.”

Nugent Takes on Illegal Immigration, 2008

In a wide-ranging interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, Nugent sounded off on “Fedzilla” (the federal government) and everything from health care to illegal immigration. Referring to illegal immigrants he said, “In an unauthorized entry, armed like they are right now, invading our country, I’d like to shoot ‘em dead.” It’s safe to say he’s against illegal immigration.

Ted Nugent vs. Rosanne Barr, 2011

Nugent got into a pretty intense shouting match with Rosanne Barr during an appearance on Anderson Cooper 360. He critiqued Obama’s experience as a community organizer saying, “Chicago people don’t look very helped to me, it looks like a tragedy.” When Barr asked if he thought Goldman Sachs should be blamed for their role in the financial crisis, he said, “I think they oughta be stoned to death, that’s what I think.” They did find common ground on some issues and even shook hands when Barr criticized George W. Bush. “He did a horrible job, I didn’t like that either,” Nugent added.

Ted Nugent is NOT a Gun-Free Zone, 2011

Note to self: Ted Nugent might be against gun control, too. During a CNN interview with Piers Morgan, Nugent explained, “Anybody that wants to disarm me can drop dead. Anybody that wants to make me unarmed and helpless, we’re gonna literally create the proven places that where more innocents are killed called ‘gun-free zones,’ we’re gonna beat you. We’re gonna vote you out of office, or suck on my machine gun, you can take it whichever way you want.”

Critique of the Presidential Candidates, 2008

During the 2008 presidential election, Nugent used his eloquent way with words to voice opposition to Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. “Hey, Obama,” he said, holding machine guns. “You might wanna suck on one of these, you punk.” Then, wielding the same machine guns, he said, “Hillary, you might wanna ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless bitch.”