Christine O’Donnell Vs. Chris Coons: Delaware Senate Debate Video

The Delaware Senate debate proved to be a wild one for Christine O’Donnell. WATCH VIDEO of her most memorable answers, from reciting campaign spots verbatim to SNL boasts and Supreme Court gaffes. Plus, see how the race looks according to The Daily Beast’s Election Oracle.

O'Donnell's Supreme Blunder?

O'Donnell appeared flustered when she and Coons were asked if they disagreed with any recent Supreme Court decisions, asking for "a specific one." She couldn't name any, instead mentioning Roe v. Wade; earlier she called rape and incest a "scare tactic."

'You're Just Jealous You Weren't on Saturday Night Live'

Both candidates joked about the recent Saturday Night Live sketch about O'Donnell, but when it came time for her to address rumors of witchcraft, she sidestepped the issue, despite including it in a campaign spot. Spooky!

I'm You…at a Debate

Co-moderator Nancy Karibjanian asked O' Donnell how she could be trusted with the state's finances, given the $12,000 IRS lien she owed in taxes and penalties from 2005, her defaulted mortgage, and the fact that she could only graduate from college recently because she was paying off tuition. In response, she recited lines from her campaign spots, saying Delawareans can relate to her financial struggle.

Uncle Sam in the Examination Room

While Coons called the new health-care bill not perfect but one he'd implement responsibly, O' Donnell said she would not force anyone to pay for a health-care plan if they didn't want to. When CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked what she would do when someone without a plan needed emergency care, she answered, "We would have to address that."

Coons: I Don't Understand You

Throughout the debate, Coons said it was a challenge for him to respond directly to O'Donnell's answers. When O'Donnell mentioned that his family business might benefit from cap and trade, he was quick to say it was difficult for him to understand what she was talking about.