Christopher Kane's Green Thumb

On Monday, the designer's Spring/Summer 2014 collection was in full bloom.

Jonathan Short/Invision/AP

On Monday, Scottish designer Christopher Kane debuted his Spring/Summer collection with a microscopic view into one of the season’s most popular motifs -- florals. For most designers, reinventing the average flower pattern would pose a challenge. But young Kane, referred to by Vogue as the “Willy Wonka” of fashion, was able to infuse life and innovation into this collection, making the concept of "florals for spring" feel fresh and new.

Between the casual and cool sweatshirts emblazoned with words such as “PETAL” and “FLOWER” and a fashionable diagram of a flower cross-section, Kane created a seriously chic throwback to high school biology class.

Backstage. Kane told The Telegraph: "I was thinking about how flowers are taken for granted -- and how the reproductive organs, the female anatomy, are so similar to a dissected flower."

Between his soft color palette, moss-inspired sweatshirts, and crafty accessories -- including gilded brooches and iridescent pumps -- Kane's aesthetic is certainly a fresh take on spring.