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Chubby Korean Baby Dance, Goat Riding Guy Riding Bike, and More Viral Videos

From a goat riding a guy riding a bike to a chubby Korean baby dance, watch our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.


5. Greatest Grad Speech Ever

Forget the humor of Stephen Colbert, wisdom of Steve Jobs, or inanity of Arnold Schwarzenegger. All you really need for an inspiring commencement address is untamed enthusiasm and a big dream. In less than 10 words, this graduating pre-schooler says all that needs to be said.

4. Otters Play the Keyboard

They’re not exactly classically-trained, but these adorable Asian small-clawed otters won’t be stopped by a lack of “technique.” No, this isn’t some accident; it’s part of their #ZooEnrichment at the Smithsonian National Zoo.

3. Hanging Out in London

Can you hold your breath for two minutes? If not, watching this video might be dangerous to your health. James Kingston, who describes himself as a professional adventurer, goes to new heights as he free climbs a crane on top of London’s South Bank Tower, ultimately hanging one-handed, hundreds of feet above the ground. This first-person video is mesmerizing, terrifying, and awe-inspiring.

2. Goat Riding a Guy Riding a Bike

We can try to describe this, but words don’t do this video justice. Apparently, goats in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, can ride humans piggyback. And together, they can successfully pedal a bike down a rather busy city street.

1. Chubby Korean Baby Dance

If Psy’s smart, he’ll hire this toddler as his newest choreographer. Not only is she perhaps the cuddliest baby on the web, but she’s also got sweet moves and a surprising sense of rhythm.