Clarence Thomas’s Wife Asks If Obama Administration Provided Material Support to Terrorists

Ginni Thomas wants to know if the White House committed any crimes at a panel on “Benghazigate.”

The wife of a sitting Supreme Court Justice wants to know if the Obama administration has provided material support to terrorists.

At a panel on “Benghazigate: The Ugly Truth and Coverup” held by a rival conservative conference to CPAC, Ginni Thomas, a conservative activist and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, asked a panel that included controversial retired General Jerry Boykin if the Obama administration had committed any crimes, in particular, providing material support to terrorists. The panel all responded affirmatively.

During prior discussion, panelists including Chris Ferrell had condemned what they described as the Benghazi cover-up, which included a role played by speaker John Boehner is thwarting a select committee.

Thomas has come under fire before for conservative political activism. Thomas is a columnist for the Daily Caller, a consultant to tea party groups, a lobbyist, and co-founder of conservative group Groundswell that plans a "30-front war seeking to fundamentally transform the nation."

Outside the room, Thomas expressed her enthusiasm about a select committee to investigate Benghazi and hoped it would happen soon. However, she declined to expand on her comments for The Daily Beast, insisting “I don’t do interviews” and “I have to get lunch.”

Thomas asked her question at an open press event that was being webcast.

Correction: In an earlier version of this story, Ginni Thomas was mistakenly referred to as a registered lobbyist. While the tea party activist did lobby at least 50 members of Congress, she never registered as a lobbyist. Thomas has also led a group called Liberty Central, which has devoted itself to fighting the "tyranny" of Barack Obama, specifically on matters that have been under deliberation at the Supreme Court like campaign finance reform and the Affordable Care Act.