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Clint Eastwood’s 5 Best Moments at the RNC (Video)

‘Shut up’ and make his day? Watch the most memorable bits from the Hollywood icon’s weird night in Tampa.

The ‘Movie Tradesman’ Weighs In On ‘Hot Doggin’

It’s worth reading up on outdated slang for this one. Addressing the crowd after he came on stage, Eastwood noted that in Hollywood, he's a rarity for being a conservative—and a reticent one, at that. The actor and director said there are others like him in show business, but they don’t going around “hot doggin’ it” like liberals. The surprising word choice was a mere taste of things to come in the monologue.

‘We Gotta Let Him Go’

President Obama got taken to task by the discombobulated Dirty Harry, who urged voters that he should be let go. Eastwood, who was the surprise guest, was hailed as creepy by some and hilarious by others…. But we’ll let you be the judge of this riveting (for better or for worse) moment.

Eastwood to an Empty Chair: ‘Shut Up’

Did the Obama impersonator cancel at the last second? During a bit where he criticized the Obama administration's terrorism policy, the actor ad libbed to the empty chair that was the stand-in for the president. And, apparently empty chairs just don’t know when to keep quiet: Eastwood pretended the would-be Obama interrupted him, quipping “shut up” at the prop.

‘We Own This Country’

Eastwood looked out at the RNC crowd at told the gathering, ‘you’re the best in the world.’ Through the pauses and ‘umms,’ the film icon barely got through a breath to say that when someone does a bad job ‘you gotta let him go.’ Guess this means that when an actor plays the same character repeatedly you gotta let him go, too?

Eastwood Ends With an Old Bang

You gotta keep the fans happy! The actor finished his speech by quoting his famous character from the Dirty Harry series more than once. The end of an uncomfortable speech led to an awkward reenactment. Eastwood got a standing ovation and bowed at the end as if he had just performed a monologue from a play. They aren’t always winners …