Colbert Sends Off ‘Dummy’ Mike Flynn: ‘It’s Funny Because It’s Treason’

The ‘Late Show’ host breaks down exactly what led to National Security Advisor Mike Flynn’s resignation.

A lot has happened in the Trump administration in the 24 hours since Stephen Colbert last taped The Late Show. And almost all of it surrounds the disgraced resignation of National Security Advisor Mike Flynn.

“Here’s what happened,” Colbert told viewers Tuesday night. “After Barack Obama imposed sanctions on Russia for messing with our election, Flynn called the Russian ambassador, discussed the sanctions, and allegedly signaled the Kremlin to expect a reprieve when Trump took office.”

In the day since Flynn resigned, we have learned that Vice President Mike Pence allegedly found out about the phone calls two weeks after President Trump did. Appearing on CBS’ Face the Nation just before Inauguration Day, Pence swore that Flynn had done nothing wrong.

Flynn only “got caught,” Colbert said, because, as it turns out, “we listen in on every phone call with the Russian ambassador.”

“Who knew?” he asked. “Evidently not the national security advisor, you dummy!” While Flynn said he “couldn’t be certain” if the topic of sanctions came up on the calls, Colbert said, “I know one way you could be certain. As the national security advisor, you could ask for the transcript.”

“I should really not have this job,” Colbert imagined Flynn thinking to himself as he re-read what he talked about with the Russians.” In response to the audience’s laughter, he added, “It’s funny because it’s treason.”