Colbert Takes on Donald Trump vs. Pope Francis: ‘You Both Think You’re Infallible’

‘America’s foremost Catholic’ gives his definitive take on the Donald Trump vs. Pope Francis feud.

Who could be better than Stephen Colbert to tackle the day’s unexpected “celebrity feud” between Donald Trump and the Pope.

As “America’s foremost Catholic,” the Late Show host dedicated his entire monologue Thursday night to the bizarre war of words that erupted when Pope Francis declared that Donald Trump is “not Christian.” As Colbert told it, the Pope found Trump’s rhetoric about building walls—as opposed to bridges—antithetical to Christian principles.

“So Trump wants to build a wall around this country?” Colbert asked. “I wonder where he could have gotten a crazy idea like that. Maybe the Vatican? Boom!”

Naturally, Trump blamed the Mexican government for feeding negative information about him to Pope Francis. When he first heard that the Pope was talking about him Trump asked his staff, “Was it good or bad? Because if it’s good, I like the Pope. If it’s bad, I don’t like the Pope.”

“It’s like Jesus said,” Colbert remarked. “‘Blessed are the poor, unless they said something bad about me, then screw 'em.’” In an attempt to “broker peace” between the two men, Colbert asked, “Is it possible that you guys are fighting because you have so much in common?”

“After all, you both think you're infallible,” he continued. “You both sit on golden thrones and you both wear very silly things on your heads.”

While Trump attempted to have the last word on the dispute, Colbert decided to cut him off and move on to the rest of the show. But for the record, it had something to do with a warning about ISIS attacking the Vatican.