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Colin Powell Sings, Mitt Romney’s Horse, and More Viral Videos

From Robin Roberts’s emotional news to more ‘Call Me Maybe’—our countdown of the week’s buzziest videos.

Super PAC Watch: Priorities USA

One of the most controversial issues in this election cycle is the acceleration of super PACs. Tens of millions of dollars are being spent on attack ads and buys on both sides of the aisle. John Avlon and Robert Zimmerman take a look inside these unaccountable organizations. This week: Priorities USA.

George W. Bush’s Faux ‘Game of Thrones’ Cameo

You probably haven’t been paying attention to the decapitated heads on HBO’s hit, but fortunately the site io9 has. The DVD commentary reveals that a bust of the 43rd president’s head appears in various beheading scenes throughout the series.

In Russia, Police Obey You

This guy completely calls out a Russian policeman for breaking two laws—and the cop stops!

Romney’s Horse Takes Center Stage

And now it’s time for the official sport of the summer, at least according to Stephen Colbert. The late-night host had some fun with the news that Mitt Romney’s horse may be headed to the Olympics—namely, is it too big to fit on the roof of the car?

The Candidate Gaffe Cycle

There was once a time when political gaffes could live on for years—but with today’s 24/7 news culture, new blunders are seemingly born (and forgotten) every day. On the ‘Daily Show’ Monday, Jon Stewart chronicled just how fast the gaffe-cycle goes.

If Life Were Like Theatre, It Wouldn’t Suck

Call it Neil Patrick Harris’s Tonys philosophy. After quipping that the show ought to be called ‘50 Shades of Gay,’ the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star explained how life could be improved if it were like a musical—with plenty of singing and dancing himself, of course.

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‘That’s a Clown Question, Bro’

A Canadian sports reporter asked Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper—who happens to be a Mormon—whether the young phenom planned to take advantage of Toronto’s 19-year-old drinking age while away from home. “That’s a clown question, bro”—and a new meme is born.

Robin Roberts: ‘I Am Going to Beat This’

Get out your box of tissues: ABC’s Robin Roberts made an emotional announcement on ‘GMA’ Monday, saying she has been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called MDS and will undergo a bone-marrow transplant in the next few months.

Celine Covers Adele

When your last big hit is the ‘Titantic’ theme song, how do you prove you’re still a hip artist? Try covering an Adele song—and that’s just what Celine Dion did.

Colin Powell Sings ‘Call Me Maybe’

Seriously? Last week’s top viral video was President Obama ‘singing’ ‘Call Me Maybe.’ Apparently Carly Rae Jepsen’s endorsement will determine who will win the presidency. Let’s hear it, Mitt…