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Conspiracy Theorists: Government Released UFO Video to Cover Up Pizzagate and Las Vegas Shooting

The denizens of InfoWars and Reddit’s Conspiracy subreddit were right all along: The government had secret video evidence of a UFO. Now it’s time for another conspiracy.

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The grainy video released by The New York Times on Saturday, in which a lima-bean shaped object is pushing horizontally against the wind at hundreds of miles per hour as Navy pilots curse in disbelief, should’ve been vindication for InfoWars and Reddit’s largest conspiracy subreddit.

The government had been holding secret video evidence of a true unidentified flying object, plus metal alloys from “unidentified aerial phenomena,” for years as part of a multimillion-dollar government program. The $22 million project, dubbed the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, was a pet project of Nevada Democrat Harry Reid.

The conspiracy theorists, this time, were right all along.

In the days after the bombshell report, however, the conspiracy websites either ignored the findings entirely or, naturally, believed their release to be a part of a broader plot to distract the American public from Pizzagate, false flag shootings, or the general concept of Hillary Clinton.

At InfoWars, the world’s foremost purveyor of conspiracy theories, the site has not yet mentioned a word about the government program.

In past programs, InfoWars host Alex Jones has repeatedly insisted there are secret government programs creating “human-animal chimeras” and “tanks with people with gills,” sometimes through tears.

Three days after the 2016 presidential election, Jones implored President Trump to “release the information” about aliens in a video in which Jones declared that “there are, I’m here to announce, hundreds of thousands of different types of aliens here on the Earth.”

InfoWars has posted about the possibility of UFOs intruding on everyday life even into last month.

We have video footage from US military documenting an encounter with UFO’s but we STILL don’t have a shred of video from Mandalay Bay before or during the Las Vegas false flag.

“WATCH: ASTONISHING FOOTAGE OF UFO BREAKING UP CHEMTRAIL,” one InfoWars headline from last month boasts, aggregating a video from the British Express newspaper, which did not call the clouds “chemtrails.”

Reddit’s Conspiracy subreddit was once a bastion for seeking the supposed real truth about shady government programs, including mysterious UFO-related projects.

A link to was the top link on the subreddit on New Year’s Day of this year.

“JFK sent letters to NASA and the CIA asking for all intelligence on UFOs and Extraterrestrials with the intention of release the info to the public because he thought they deserved to know the truth. 10 days later he was assassinated. WikiLeaks Stratfor UFO Files show that there is a likely link,” the post read.

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But the top post on the subreddit on Reddit’s largest conspiracy community about this week’s release of the secret government program suggested the new information was itself a cover-up.

“We have video footage from US military documenting an encounter with UFO’s but we STILL don’t have a shred of video from Mandalay Bay before or during the Las Vegas false flag,” the post reads. It does not link to an article.

A top post on the community on Tuesday wondered if the release of the video was tied to “Trump’s audit of the Pentagon” before abruptly changing course.

“I’m all for an open mind in this stuff but when [Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John] Podesta recently tweeted about aliens and all this stuff being RECENTLY pushed out, can you blame me for thinking AREA 51 etc... is just a massive PSYOP!?” the same user, LeftAndDemsArePedos, wondered in a late edit to the post.

Still, casual visitors to the community who hadn’t yet heard of the new discoveries were perplexed by r/Conspiracies’ priorities.

“Yo let me peep that alien video though,” reads a top comment on a post alleging a vast conspiracy involving the Las Vegas shooter and the video of a possible spaceship defying human explanation.

“Yo that should be the first fuckin thing on this subreddit man what the fuck,” another replied.