Lewandowski Now Claims Down-Syndrome Girl’s Mom Is ‘Potential Child Smuggler’

Trump’s ex-campaign manager slanders an immigrant mom as a ‘member—or a potential member—of a child-smuggling ring.’ Last week he said ‘womp womp’ to her daughter’s plight.


One week after infamously mocking the story of an immigrant girl with Down syndrome separated from her mother with a dismissive “womp womp,” Corey Lewandowski is back at it again.

Appearing Wednesday morning on CNN, the former Trump campaign manager was asked if he regrets having mimicked a sad trombone sound to dismiss the 10-year-old girl’s plight.

It should come as no surprise that Lewandowski—a notorious firebrand and “trainwreck,” per Trump aidesdoes not see anything wrong with how he reacted.

In fact, Lewandowski told CNN, he has no regrets because, according to Corey Lewandowski, the disabled girl’s mother was a child smuggler.

After repeatedly shouting down CNN host John Berman for asking him point-blank if he wishes he hadn’t said “womp womp,” Lewandowski eventually explained his lack of remorse.

The mockery, Lewandowski said, “was not directed at any child or individual. It was directed at a left-wing activist who was trying to use a child as a political tool and he was inaccurate because he said that child was separated from her mother because of Trump policies.”

He further claimed: “But the truth was that 10-year-old that was separated at the border was separated because her mother was a member—or a potential member—of a child-smuggling ring.”

Shockingly, Lewandowski’s description of the story is itself inaccurate.

The Dallas Morning News reported last week that, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the disabled girl’s mother was separated because she was needed as a “material witness” in the federal prosecution of a known smuggler.

Nowhere did federal authorities say the woman was a member of a child-smuggling ring.”