Could Huma Be Pregnant?

In the wake of Huma Abedin’s creepy press conference with her once-again humiliated sexter but-still-running-for-mayor husband Anthony Weiner, the longtime Hillary Clinton aide has been stalked and spotted around town. The images, videos, and Huma testimonials are making us wonder why she’s defending her husband. Could she be pregnant? A New York Post photo on Thursday is drawing questions that a most minimal of extra curves on the elegant Abedin could be derived from a baby bump. The trim Abedin appears in a print green dress and sunglasses, talking on her phone. (True, you have to be that thin for a wee bump like this to draw attention). Could baby No. 2 be the reason she's playing the good wife again? If so, it would be déjà vu for the Weiners.

In 2011, news of Huma’s pregnancy added a tragic dimension to Weiner’s story—and was perhaps the final straw in the scandal that led to his resignation from Congress. As Weiner continued to deny that he had sent the photo of his underwear-clad erection to a young woman on Twitter, the couple was busy concealing a different situation. “All the while we have this secret that I’m pregnant,” Abedin recalled in the couples’ April New York Times profile. Huma remembers “going to doctors’ appointments” to make sure the baby was healthy and OK “I was also sleeping a lot. I was falling asleep at 6 o’clock at night on the sofa.”

The story broke on a New York Times blog on June 8, when the paper reported that three sources close to the couple said she was in the “early stages” of pregnancy. The Times said somberly that the news added a “new dimension” to the exploding scandal, but it had a dramatic effect on the public perception of the incident, taking things from slightly amusing to suddenly serious. (“Pop Goes the Weasel!” the New York Post’s cover shouted the next day.)

Weiner announced his resignation in an emotional press conference on June 16, 2011, though we now know his sexting continued even after the first humiliation of his pregnant wife.

If Abedin is indeed pregnant again, Carlos may be in a lot more danger than he imagines—from voter blowback.