Craig Romney

Craig Romney Explains How a Romney Presidential Campaign Is Like Childbirth

Mitt’s youngest son, Craig, kicked off the GOP election-night party with a metaphor for the ages. David Freedlander reports.

Timothy A. Clary / Getty Images

Mitt Romney’s election-night party began in earnest tonight when Craig, the candidate’s youngest son, took the stage at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to welcome the former Massachusetts governor’s most ardent supporters.

He told them that, contrary to many assumptions that Romney would run for president again after his 2008 loss, it was in fact far from certain.

The reason: Ann Romney, who Craig said was so devastated that she asked a friend to videotape the moment.

“I never want to forget what I am feeling,” Ann said. “I am never doing this again.”

Yet when Romney gathered the family together at Christmas two years later to say he was thinking of running again, Ann was the most vocal supporter of her husband mounting another bid.

The governor asked if she remembered her previous pledge.

"Yea, I remember saying that,” she said. “But I also remember saying that after the birth of each of my children.”

Craig, it should be noted, was the youngest of five. So perhaps we should expect a few more Romney runs.