Conspiracy Theories

Crazytown, USA

The Daily Beast's Michael Moynihan heroically ventures into the fever swamp. Note: Above video not directly from Moynihan's piece; I just couldn't resist posting some Alex Jones craziness.

The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School has provoked yet another “national conversation” about gun laws, with smaller break-out sessions on the problems of mental-health diagnoses and treatment. And while it’s broadly accepted among the intelligentsia that America is afflicted with an intractable “gun problem,” fewer seem convinced that we’re in the midst of a large-scale mental-health crisis.

But ignore those New World Order-niks in the mainstream media: After a week among the anti-Zionist conspiracy theorists, the pop-eyed Infowarriors, and various autodidacts and “independent researchers,” I’m convinced that America is indeed overflowing with people who need their heads checked out.