Cute Kid Makes Friends With ‘Robot’

An adorable little girl mistakes a water heater for a robot. Nothing else matters today.


This will be the cutest thing you watch all week.

A little girl thought a broken water heater was a real robot, and quite honestly, who can blame her? The water heater clearly has eyes.

The toddler first greets the “wobot” saying, “Hi wobot! Hi wobot! Hi wobot!” while waving at her new friend. But wait—it gets cuter. She then walks over to the “wobot” and gives it a big, sweet hug. Yes, a hug. The kind of hug that helps you forget everything else going on in the cruel world. The little girl then steps away from the “wobot” and says, “I love you, wobot.” No, you’re crying.

The video took off on Reddit yesterday. LaterGatorPlayer wrote: “If this had been animated, I would have absolutely believed it was a Disney, Pixar, or Dreamworks deal,” and manic_lethargy added, “Let's place bets. When will this girl appear on Ellen?”

But seriously. See for yourself.