‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Blasts Jeff Sessions: ‘He Lied Under Oath’

The ‘Daily Show’ host wants to know why Trump administration officials ‘keep forgetting that they’ve met with Russians.’

Just 48 hours after President Donald Trump delivered his unexpectedly presidential speech to Congress, the media—and late-night TV—has already moved on. On Thursday, The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah summed up how quickly the narrative has changed.

“Since Tuesday's speech to Congress, Donald Trump has been riding high on a wave of praise,” Noah said. “The media applauded him, people called him ‘presidential.’ Bannon even let him sit at the desk. After a rough start to his presidency, it felt like Trump had entered a long-awaited honeymoon. But just like most of his honeymoons, it got sour fast.”

Before Trump could celebrate his minor victory, news broke that his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, had lied under oath about communicating with Russian officials before the president took office. “Wow, no matter how hard the Trump administration tries, Russia just keeps coming back,” the host said, adding “Russia is Trump’s herpes.”

“What makes it worse is that he lied under oath while interviewing to be the guy who prosecutes people for lying under oath,” Noah added. “It sort of makes sense for Trump’s cabinet when you think about it. It makes sense for all of Trump’s administration, since Trump’s EPA chief hates the environment, his energy secretary wanted to abolish the Department of Energy, and his secretary of agriculture is an actual swarm of locusts.”

Noah tried to hear Sessions out before “judging” his intentions, but couldn’t help but deem him “guilty” when he heard his defense. “I’m sorry, that is not a decent excuse,” he said. “How do Trump’s people keep forgetting that they’ve met with Russians? Let me tell you something, if you meet a Russian, you will remember that shit.”