‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Calls Out ‘Liar’ Ivanka Trump

Four months after Ivanka Trump promised she wouldn’t be part of the administration, she has taken on an official role.

“Remember how Donald Trump and Ivanka promised they wouldn’t turn the White House into a mom and pop store?” Trevor Noah asked on Thursday night’s Daily Show. “Yeah, no nepotism, remember that? Well, clearly, they don’t.”

Just one week after Noah raised her “possible conflicts of incest,” the Trump administration announced that Ivanka Trump would be joining her husband Jared Kushner as an official, if unpaid, adviser to the president.

Ivanka’s appearance last November with the rest of the first family on 60 Minutes is primarily remembered for the way she used it to sell a $10,000 diamond and gold bracelet from her jewelry collection. But in that same interview, when asked directly by Lesley Stahl if she would be joining the administration, she said, “No, I’m going to be a daughter.”

“And a liar,” Noah said, imitating Ivanka’s genial smile.

“Look, we all knew that Donald couldn’t stand to be apart from Ivanka,” the host continued. “In his four-year term, he was eventually going to find some way to bring her in. But two months? I’m shocked — two months in? This guy has the patience of a toddler.”