‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Calls Out Trump for Ignoring ‘White’ Terrorism

‘The Daily Show’ host went after President Trump for refusing to acknowledge non-Muslim terrorists.

On the same day CNN’s Jake Tapper took Kellyanne Conway to task for conveniently ignoring terrorist attacks committed by white extremists, The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah went after President Donald Trump directly for doing the exact same thing.

Noah began by playing the recent clip of Trump telling military personnel that the “dishonest media” is actively refusing to report on terror attacks. “You’ve got to feel bad for the troops,” the comedian said. “Because they’ve seen a lot of shit, but nothing in their training prepared them for a Donald Trump speech.”

If anything, Noah said he thinks the media reports on terrorism “too much,” arguing that if the press covered car crashes the way they covered terrorism, he’d “never drive again.” He went on to say that Trump “should be thanking the media, because if they didn’t freak people out and hyper-report about terrorism, there’s a good chance he would still be fake-firing celebrities on NBC.”

As for the list of “underreported” terror attacks provided by the White House, it contained high-profile incidents like the ones in San Bernardino, Paris, Nice, and Orlando. “But like an Ashy Knees Anonymous meeting, there were no white people in it,” Noah joked.

Left off the list were Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof, Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear, and any other attacks committed by white Christians. “It’s not like the Trump people didn’t see these attacks, they just don’t like to talk about them,” Noah said, pointing to last week’s attack on a Quebec mosque as a prime example.

Press secretary Sean Spicer was happy to talk about the Quebec shooting when it was believed to be committed by a Moroccan Muslim shooter, but once it turned out to be a white extremist, he had nothing to say. Trump himself never said one word about it in public.

Summing up the Trump administration’s perspective, Noah said, “When a Muslim person commits terror, it’s part of a deadly conspiracy, but when white extremists commit acts of terror over and over again, that’s merely a continuing series of isolated events.”

Noah then called a report stating Trump plans to focus the country’s counterterrorism campaign solely on Islamic terrorism “the most disgusting part of all of this.” After declaring “America first,” he said Trump is “ignoring all the hard-working white American terrorists” out there.