‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Celebrates Trump’s Loss in Court

‘The Daily Show’ host couldn’t help but revel in President Trump’s judicial defeat.

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah was the first late-night host to weigh in on the huge defeat President Donald Trump was dealt by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Thursday evening.

“Just hours ago, the ‘so-called federal court of appeals’ just upheld the suspension of Trump’s immigration ban,” the host said to cheers from his live audience. “Which means... immigrants, come in quickly!” He then added, “You know, we joke, but people think that’s real—‘They’re all gonna come in now!’—they can’t.”

In response to the ruling, Trump issued one of his signature all-caps tweets to show he means business:

“I love how he says ‘See you in court,’ like this wasn’t decided in court,” Noah replied. “The judges are like, ‘Who is this idiot? Does he not know who we are?’”

Meanwhile, it appears Stephen Colbert may have taped his Late Show episode before the ruling came down. But he shared his personal reaction to Trump’s Twitter outburst with his own series of tweets: