‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah ‘Disgusted’ by White House Ignoring Rob Porter Abuse

“Not only did the White House have a domestic abuser in its midst,” Noah said, they “ignored it for months.”

Comedy Central

“Every time I think I’ve reached the highest level of disgust with this administration, I’m right, but then they invent another level,” Trevor Noah said Thursday night.

The Daily Show host was referring to the news that for months, high-level Trump officials reportedly knew that White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter had been accused by two of his ex-wives of domestic abuse. Porter resigned this week against the urging of Chief of Staff John Kelly.

“I miss the days when White House staffers were fired for fun stuff,” Noah said. “Spicey couldn’t talk, the Mooch couldn’t shut up, Steve Bannon couldn’t shower.”

“But I’m sorry, this story hits me hard,” he continued. “Because, not only did the White House have a domestic abuser in its midst. A lot of the people there, especially chief of staff and alleged ‘adult in the room’ John Kelly just ignored it for months.”

Noah also said that given the parameters of Porter’s job, there’s “no reason they couldn’t have gotten someone else” to do it. Specifically, he cited a report that said Porter was in charge of “every piece of paper that lands on the president’s desk.”

“You mean this desk?” Noah asked, showing a photo of Trump’s empty workspace. “Tough job. Trump’s desk is balder than his head, people.”