Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Rips GOP for Blocking Merrick Garland, the ‘Paul Rudd of Federal Judges’

Why won’t Republicans even consider confirming Judge Merrick Garland? 'The Daily Show’s' Trevor Noah is baffled.

This week, President Obama made his pick to convert the “elite eight” Supreme Court justices back into a “normal nine.” But The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah just doesn’t understand why Republicans in Congress are doing everything they can to prevent Merrick Garland from getting confirmed.

In Noah’s description, Garland is “totes adorb,” breaking down in tears during his nomination acceptance speech and making “even sweet Ruth Bader Ginsburg seem like an asshole.” The host asked, “Can we keep him, please?” Apparently not.

Noah brought forth a parade of clips that demonstrated just how much Republicans have supported the D.C. Circuit Court judge in the past. “Everyone likes Merrick Garland,” he said. “He’s like the Paul Rudd of federal judges… Why won’t the Republicans even consider him?”

Invoking the so-called “Biden rule,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that no nominee should be confirmed during a president’s last year in office. “The decision the Senate announced weeks ago remains about a principle and not a person,” he said this week after Obama nominated Garland.

“Mitch McConnell seems like a bit of a dick,” Noah responded. “Well, just in principle, not as a person.” He wondered why Republicans suddenly put so much stock in Vice President Joe Biden, the man they have consistently described as a massive joke over the past eight years.

“Listen, Republicans, I understand what you’re going through,” Noah said. “You lost Justice Scalia, a legendary conservative justice, and you don’t want him replaced by anyone Obama likes.” But, he wanted to know, “How do you think this is going to play out?”

Either President Hillary Clinton picks an even more liberal justice or, “god forbid,” Donald Trump gets elected and “who knows what he’d do?” For instance, he could pick Judge Judy, “just because he’s heard of her.”

Noah concluded by saying that it’s “rich” to hear McConnell talk about giving the people a voice when he’s “silencing the one voice who the people chose”: President Barack Obama.