‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Trump Is a ‘F*cking Moron’ When It Comes to Israel and Palestine

The ‘Daily Show’ host jokes about what could be a ‘genius’ move by Trump to bring peace in the Middle East.

Comedy Central

Wednesday’s joint press conference between President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reminded Trevor Noah that as “rough” as these last few weeks have been, “life with Trump can also be pretty funny.”

“We all know that Donald Trump is going to destroy the world,” The Daily Show host said. “But we cannot deny that it’s going to be an amusing destruction.”

As difficult as the issue of peace in the Middle East is, Trump “isn’t worried at all,” Noah said. “Did this guy just tell us the problem like it’s the solution?” he asked after Trump said he would be fine with either a one-state or two-state solution, whatever works.

“Trump would be the best hostage negotiator ever,” Noah said. “Whatever makes both the hostage takers and the hostages happy, that works for me,” he imagined Trump saying into a bullhorn.

While “most leaders” struggle with “how to broach the sensitive subject of illegal settlements” when dealing with Israel, Noah said Trump is not “most leaders.” Speaking to Netanyahu, Trump just directly said he wants to see him “hold back on settlements for a little bit.”

“I’m sorry, Donald Trump is a genius,” Noah declared. “No one has ever thought to just straight-up ask Netanyahu to stop the settlements.” He compared it to a neighbor asking someone to turn down their music.

“You can see Netanyahu is like, ‘Who the fuck is this dude?’” Noah added. “You know, Trump is either a genius or he’s the biggest idiot the world has ever seen. Because I honestly wonder if Trump’s plan is to be such a bumbling fool, that Israel and Palestine are going to get together in a room and go, ‘I think we can both agree, that guy’s a fucking moron. We’d better sort this problem before he tries to help out.”