‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Trump Is Just as Fat as Kim Jong Un

The late-night host found something particularly hypocritical about President Trump calling another leader ‘fat.’

Comedy Central

President Donald Trump’s long trip to Asia is finally coming to an end this week, and he almost got out of it without escalating tensions with North Korea. But as The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah explained Monday night, he just couldn’t help but respond to Kim Jong Un, who dared to call him an “old lunatic.”

“Donald Trump was like, I’ve got 280 now,” the host said, before showing Trump’s passive-aggressive response on Twitter.

“It’s a little bit weird for Donald Trump to diss Kim Jong Un’s weight when they have pretty much the same body type,” Noah said. “I’m not judging, but I just think people who live in gingerbread houses shouldn’t throw scones.”

Noah also thought it was bizarre that Trump zeroed in on the North Korean leader’s use of the word “old” to describe him. “So the ‘lunatic’ thing, you’re OK with that?” he asked.