Dave Chappelle Gives Moving Tribute to Charlie Murphy in Ohio

The comedian remembers his late friend at a John Mayer concert.

via Youtube

Dave Chappelle made a surprise appearance at John Mayer’s concert in Columbus, Ohio, last night, to remember his friend Charlie Murphy.

“Today, I got some terrible news,” Chappelle said. “My good friend Charlie Murphy passed away this morning, and everybody in comedy is heartbroken.”

The actor and comedian died Wednesday morning after succumbing to a battle with leukemia. His most notable work was on Chappelle’s Show, and he also helped his brother, Eddie Murphy, write Norbit. Charlie Murphy was 57.

Here’s the full tribute to Murphy, featuring both Chappelle and Mayer sweetly singing “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me.” Chappelle said the song reminded him of Murphy.