Vroom Vroom

David Linley Roars Up To Queen's Party in Miniscule Fiat 500

Will and Kate may have their new Bentley, but Linley can park anywhere

David Linley - the Queen's nephew, and son of original royal wild child Princess Margaret - stole the show today when he arrived at the Queen's Christmas luncheon in a teeny-weeny Fiat 500.

The furniture maker and designer was accompanied by his daughter in the passenger seat.

Also there were Kate - festive in a red coat and heavily pregnant Zara Phillips, who is due to give birth soon.

Other guests included Camilla, Sophie, Prince Andrew and his daughter Princess Beatrice and Peter and Autumn Phillips and their two daughters Isla and Savannah.

Bearded Prince Harry was unable to attend as he has not yet got back to the UK from his South Pole charity expedition.