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Deadline Artists Asks For Suggestions on Favorite Newspaper Column

Want to share your favorite piece of journalism with the world? From Mary McGrory to Richard Wright, the editors of Deadline Artists want your recommendations for volume two.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Do you have a favorite newspaper column? Want to share it with the world? Deadline Artists: America’s Greatest Newspaper Columns was published in fall 2011 and was such a success that Overlook Press is putting out a second volume. Editors John Avlon, Jesse Angelo, and Errol Louis received so many good recommendations from readers, journalists, and friends after we published the book that we decided to ask the entire Internet for ideas.

We’re looking for your favorite columns or features that fall into the following broad categories: Scandals, Tragedies, Triumphs, and Tributes.

We’re planning to include Mary McGrory’s classic work on Watergate, Jack London’s first-person account of the San Francisco earthquake and Richard Wright’s recounting of Joe Louis’ knock out of Max Schmelling. There will also be more classics from the likes of Jimmy Breslin, H.L. Mencken, Ernie Pyle, Murray Kempton, and more. We’re looking for great writing and we want your suggestions. One change from the first book: we will use some feature writing in the new volume, as well as traditional columns, so don’t be shy to send along any enduring newspaper pieces that you love.

If you have a suggestion, please fill out our form or post it on the Deadline Artists Facebook page. Let’s start a conversation and if we use your idea, we’ll include your name in the acknowledgements and send you a book by way of saying thanks.