Dick Morris: World's Worst Political Pundit?

Win McNamee/Getty Images

According to Harry J. Enten of The Guardian, yes he is:

We all make silly statements. We all make poor predictions. Indeed most Washington pundits are right as often as they are wrong. One Washington prognosticator, however, stands above the rest.

Step up, Dick Morris.

Morris was at one time a top political operative. From his guiding of now Congressman Jerry Nadler's student government campaign to his work for Bill Clinton, Morris was a winner. He was running another Bill Clinton campaign, in 1996, when he found himself embroiled in a sex scandal.

That imbroglio marked a turning point. Morris was no longer to work for Clinton. Instead, he reinvented himself as a writer and television pundit. It is this work that we celebrate here today.

Morris' ability to make statements and predictions that are often so, so wrong is exceptional. He has been called the "worst pundit in America". The more cynical among us might argue that the word "America" should be replaced with "world". Indeed, to recall all of Morris's spectacular failures would require more space than Santa is allotted for his Christmas list.

Instead, I bring you ten fun and exciting Dick Morris audios, images, videos (in chronological order). Most of these are forecasts, hilarious for just how wrong they were. I cannot guarantee them as the top ten of all time: there are just too many Dick Morris moments from which to choose, so please feel free to note any choices that I've omitted in the discussion thread.

1. Bush and congressional Democrats in 2002

Sometimes, Morris is kind enough to offer us a two-for-one deal. In the span of two minutes, Morris said that President Bush's approval rating would remain in the 80s so long as we were fighting overseas. It did, of course, drop precipitously, into the low 50s, by the 2004 election. Morris also believed that congressional Democrats had neutralized Bush by supporting his wars. It turned out the opposite happened: 2002 was only the second time since 1934 that the president's party gained seats in the House during a midterm election.

2. North Korea and Iran will cave

I guess Morris thought that if he couldn't predict elections, then he might do better with the actions of foreign governments. Apparently, Bush's foreign policy was going to bring Iran and North Korea to their knees and force them to cooperate with the United States. Eight years later, Iran continues to back the Syrian government and is as close to war with Israel as it's ever been. Oh, and North Korea is as much a mystery and a headache as ever.

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