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Dior Allegedly Dropped Jourdan Dunn Because of Chest Size; HBO Gives Lena Dunham Daily Underwear

Tim P. Whitby

Dior Allegedly Drops Jourdan Dunn Because of Chest Size: Model Jourdan Dunn announced on Twitter Sunday evening that she was “just canceled from Dior because of [her] boobs!” She sarcastically laughed it off by saying, “I love fashion,” but in a second, more serious tweet she wrote, “I’m normally told I'm cancelled because I’m ‘colored’ so being cancelled because of my boobs is a minor :).” Dior has been singled out in the past for its lack of diversity. Last season’s casting director James Scully told BuzzFeed that the casting was “so pointedly white that it feels deliberate.” But the brand has never been known to discriminate based on chest size—and its couture lineup on Monday included six models of color. When reached by The Daily Beast, Dior had no immediate comment. [Fashionista]

HBO Gives Lena Dunham Free Underwear: Lena Dunham is both an early riser and not a fan of wearing underwear to work. In a tweet she wrote at 6:38 Monday morning, Dunham revealed, “Our costume dept has realized that if they want me in underwear they have to provide them. And they do. Every day. I love the Girls HBO crew.” Free underwear is apparently yet another perk of being a 27-year-old actress with your own television show. Girls is in the middle of filming its third season. [Huffington Post]

Naomi Campbell Walks Versace Show: Naomi Campbell made her first modeling appearance since her violent mugging in Paris last January, which left her with a torn ligament in her leg. The supermodel opened Paris Couture week on Sunday night by walking in the Versace show, a runway on which she hasn't appeared in 15 years. The show’s theme was Old Hollywood with a modern twist, and it was held at the Ritz. [Telegraph]

Kate Moss Designs Phone Accessories: In more surprising collaboration news, Kate Moss is teaming up with Carphone Warehouse to design phone accessories. “My phone's as much a part of my look as my bag or shoes," says Moss in a press release, "and yet there's so little choice out there." Clearly this is something the model feels strongly about, as she was “heavily involved” in the design process and plans to “treat this as any other fashion collaboration.” [Elle UK]