Oh Please!

Do These Grins Mean Meghan Markle Is Already Pregnant?

Twitter is afire with rumors Meghan may already be pregnant, and the speculation intensified after a friend of the couple commentating on Sky News floated the theory.

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WINDSOR – Rumors that Meghan Markle might already be pregnant swept the internet today after the couple smiled at each other whenever the vicar mentioned children, family and sex during their marriage ceremony.

Some commentators even suggested that Meghan’s stunning Givenchy dress might have been a tiny bit tight in places.

The conspiratorial glances the couple exchanged at the mentions of family were even mentioned on BBC TV by the commentator Kirsty Young, who is a friend of the couple.

Her husband Nick Jones, the founder of the Soho House empire, was a guest at the wedding.

The internet gossip started after Meghan smiled at a mention of sex in the opening minutes of the ceremony.

Of course, sex, doesn’t mean children.

And it is almost a tradition in itself for the bride and groom to snicker when the presiding priest mentions ‘the delight and tenderness of sexual union’, as is customary in the order of service for a wedding in the Anglican church. And it must be all the harder to keep a straight face when it’s the Dean of Windsor, David John Conner, wishing you a fulfilling sex life in front of a live TV audience of two billion.

A few seconds later, however, the internet was afire with speculation that the couple may already be expecting after Harry turned to Meghan and smiled after the Dean told the couple, that marriage was ‘given as the foundation of family life, in which children are born and nurtured.”

Kirsty Young, the BBC's lead commentator, later remarked on the smiles they exchanged and said, "That very intimate moment, between the bride and groom, in which we saw the Dean of Windsor say, "in which children are born", talking about marriage, and both of them, could not help but a smile play across their lips. I don't know if a hand was squeezed, but certainly something travelled between them. That, we hope, might be the next page of their story. Where they give to us a gorgeous little product of their union and we can enjoy that too. Because, there was something in the intimacy between the two of them in that moment that seemed particularly poignant."

Harry and Meghan have spoken about their desire to start a family before, and at this stage the couple have busted so many taboos and outdated customs that surely not even Prince Philip would be shocked if their first child is born less than nine months after their marriage.