Friendly fire

Don't Shoot, Camilla, She Can't Help It Charles Kissed Her

It seems Camilla Parker-Bowles, really was cheesed off with the attention her husband gave the beautiful Crown Princess Mary of Denmark on the tarmac in Denmark yesterday, when Charles gave her a lingering kiss on her clasped hand.

But settling scores with a pistol seems distinctly non-U.

In fact, Prince Charles's wife was on the set of the dark Danish drama The Kiling, and was play acting with the chestnut-maned Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (who looks wierdly like Kate Middleton). To their left is actress Sofie Grabol (who plays Sarah Lund) in one of her trademark Fairisle jumpers.

After pretending to shoot Mary, Camilla told the cast and crew that she was "an addict" of the crime drama. Camilla specifically requested the trip to the film set just outside Copenhagen on her final day of engagements as part of an eight-day tour of Scandinavia with the Prince of Wales.

Charles told the series creator earlier on the trip to Denmark that his wife introduced him to the hit detective show and that it is one of the only television programmes they both enjoy equally. Camilla was given a sneak preview of the third series as she saw filming take place while Charles visited a nearby housing estate.

Series creator, writer Soren Sveistrup, who met the couple at a reception hosted by the British ambassador, said: "Royalty is not the kind of audience you would expect. Prince Charles told me that it was Camilla who introduced him to The Killing. He said it was one of the only things they could agree on seeing together."

The Duchess seemed fascinated by the replica gun used by Sofie Grabol, who plays lead character Sarah Lund, asking if it was a toy or if it was real. It was then handed over to her so she could try it out for herself.

Grabol told her: "It is just a toy gun. It weighs nothing." As Camilla waved the gun, she joked: "It was me all along."

The Duchess was given the ultimate souvenir from the show - her very own Sarah Lund jumper. The character is known for her Faroe Island knitwear.