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Dressing Up Means a Nice Gym Bag Too

Why go to all the trouble of taking pains with your clothes and then spoiling your look with a lousy-looking gym bag? No reason style and utility can’t go hand in hand.

Get the look: The Modern Commuter Backpack by Everlane (; All clothing by Won Hundred (

Get the look: Gorge Duffle by Herschel Supply (; Sweatshirt by Theory (; Shirt by Visvim (; Pants by Officine Générale (

Being well dressed doesn’t stop with just head-to-toe. It means paying attention to your accessories, too. Consider: Most work days are long and often go late into the night, from the office to drinks to dinner. So you’ve made the investment in good suits, sweaters, and shoes necessary to get you through those 18-hour days in style. Having done that, keep going with the upgrades. With all that quality on your back and on your feet, there is no reason you should still be toting a gym bag that looks like you took it off a college athlete in an airport. If you have to be stuck with a bag all day—and most of us don’t have the luxury of running home to drop it off—make it one you’ll want to be seen with in public.

Get the look: Norfolk Hold All Duffel Bag by Saturdays NYC (; Jacket and Shirt by Tomorrowland (; Pants by Kit and Ace (

The best way to choose a dressy gym bag is to start with a solid color that compliments the colors in your wardrobe. For most men, that means matching with gray, navy, olive, and black. The other thing to consider is size. Smaller is sleeker, but don’t go too small, or the bag will be impractical. Just because you’re thinking about how the bag looks doesn’t mean that you stop thinking about its utility. Nylon and canvas make good fabric for gym bags because they tend to be lighter and perform better in inclement weather. Here are some examples of office-friendly gym bags you will want to grab and go.

Get the look: Hartsfield Weekender Tote by WANT Les Essentiels (; All clothing by Officine Générale ( by RAEN (