Edward's Lonely Trip To Canada

As WillKat mania sweeps Singapore, spare a thought for poor Prince Edward. He and his wife, Sophie, are off to tour the frozen wastes of Arctic Canada, and no-one's paying any attention.

The 48-year-old Earl of Wessex is Queen Elizabeth's and Prince Philip's youngest son and has visited Canada 32 times in his life, according to the Canadian Globe and Mail, which is a lot for anyone.

The royal couple are currently in Ottawa, and tomorrow will set out for Nunavut, in Iqaluit, which sounds very far north indeed.

Edward is seventh in the line of accession to the throne and will eventually inherit the title Duke of Edinburgh that is now held by his father.

"Edward has never been seen as one of the more exciting members of the Royal Family. He preferred working in the theatre to the adrenalin rush of the military," says the Globe and Mail, accurately.

We would bring you pictures, but, sadly, there are none as yet. The global royal press corps is in Singapore, focused on the younger and better looking cast members of the national British soap opera.

After Nunavut, the couple will make a sweep through southern Ontario, travelling to Trenton, Hamilton, Queenston, Niagara-on-the-Lake, St. Catharines, Penetanguishene, Midland and Toronto before heading back to London next Tuesday.