Election Media Coverage: Video of MSNBC's Apocalyptic Night

Matthews asked Bachmann if she was hypnotized. Olbermann feared the Tea Party would eat away at the Earth's core. O'Donnell prepared for the Rand Paul end times. WATCH VIDEO of the liberal network's most distraught moments on Election Night.

Matthews to Bachmann: Are You Hypnotized?

The pundits of MSNBC unleashed their frustration on Tuesday night as they lamented the mounting Democratic losses. During a particularly thorny interview, Chris Matthews repeatedly asked victorious Minnesota Tea Party Rep. Michele Bachmann if she was in a trance. When she refused to indulge his comments, Matthews was the one left seeing red.

O’Donnell: Rand Paul Will Bring the Apocalypse

After Rand Paul won a Senate seat in Kentucky, an unusually feisty—and fearful—Lawrence O’Donnell appeared convinced the Tea Partier’s win would lead to the demise of civilization. “That is a man on a very fast collision course with his principles,” said O’Donnell. We’re guessing he’s not about to bow down to Aqua Buddha anytime soon.

Matthews: “Would You Say, ‘Call Me Dick?’”

While Rachel Maddow had a few choice words for victorious Indiana Sen. Dan Coats, her fellow pundits’ words strayed into immature territory. Maddow’s rant against the Republican prompted the panel to make references to Richard Armey, one of the forces behind Republicans’ success in the 1994 midterm elections, and to draw a few parallels between his name and the Tea Party, naturally.

John Boehner, Crybaby

MSNBC’s talking heads didn’t see anything genuine or touching in the presumptive House speaker’s victory speech about following the American dream. “John Boehner, by his own admission, will cry at a supermarket opening,” quipped Keith Olbermann. Who’s the one with the crocodile tears now?

Olbermann: Tea Party Is ‘Universal Solvent’

Lions and tigers and Tea Party solvents, oh my? Keith Olbermann has a theory that the Tea Party is like a toxic substance that will eat away the Earth’s core. And he’s not joking. Olbermann compared the insurgent movement to a solvent that’s great for cleaning stains, but not so great for storing.