Elizabeth Warren on ‘The View’: ‘My Biggest Regret Is That Donald Trump Is President’

The Democratic senator also defended herself and Bernie Sanders against criticism that they waited too long to back Hillary Clinton.

“Oh God, is that all?” Elizabeth Warren asked, exasperatedly, on The View Wednesday morning when she was informed that President Donald Trump has been in office for 90 days. “It’s like dog years or something,” the Democratic senator joked.

Conservative co-host Jedediah Bila wanted to know what Trump has done “right” so far, prompting a heavy sigh from Warren. Putting aside the things Trump says and tweets, she pushed him to keep his promise to fight for “working people,” which just happens to be the prevailing theme of her newest book, This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America's Middle Class. “I just keep watching what he’s actually doing,” she said.

Instead of finding something “right” in those actions, she criticized the president for signing laws that, among other things, make it “easier for employers to steal their employees’ wages.” But to her, Trumpcare represents “the whole thing in one microcosm,” because anyone who would “knock 24 million people off their health care coverage, raise the cost for a lot of middle class families so that we can produce a tax cut for a handful of millionaires and billionaires,” doesn’t care about working people. “What he’s doing is delivering on gut punch after another and he needs to be called on it.”

Given how bad things have gotten less than 100 days into the Trump administration, co-host Sunny Hostin wanted to know if Warren “regrets” her decision not to run for president in 2016. “We all have a lot of regrets,” the senator said, not quite willing to go there, “but my biggest regret is that Donald Trump is president of the United States, period.”

Warren also pushed back on the criticism that she and Bernie Sanders could have prevented Trump from getting elected by backing Hillary Clinton earlier in the process. “I don’t actually understand that, we had a real primary going on in the Democratic Party,” she said. “And Bernie offered a vision, Hillary offered a somewhat different vision, they gave their different arguments for it. And to take Bernie out of that race early, are you kidding me? Bernie has shown where the progressive energy of this party is.”

Once it became clear that Clinton would be the nominee, Warren said, “I got in and busted my tail to try to get her elected and I wish it had worked. God dang, I wish it had worked!”