Emilia Wickstead and Manolo Blahnik: #LFW Day 3

Gorgeous show from Emilia Wickstead at an art gallery on Bond Street this morning - tangerine and turquoise stripes, sculpted fish-tailed evening gowns and her trademark 1950s prom skirts in pink, lemon and lime. The modest calf-length skirts and dresses could be tailor made for Kate Middleton.

Lady Edith - aka Laura Carmichael - was dressed in dark green silk Emilia Wickstead and seated on the front row. She faced a constant barrage of questions on whether or not she was going to stay with the newspaper editor in the next series. She remained tight-lipped.

Earlier in the day we were at the Covent Garden Hotel for Manolo Blahnik's debut LFW show - a short film starring Rupert Everett. Someone kept sighing and gasping and giggling in the screening I was at. Terribly disrespectful, I thought, who could it be?

None other than Manolo himself, watching it all the way through for the first time.

He pronounced himself delighted with the film and relieved. We will have the movie online tomorrow shortly after 11am EST.