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Emmy Awards Score Ratings High, Jon Hamm May Undergo Surgery

And Mumford & Sons takes a break.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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Emmys 2013 telecast posts highest ratings since 2007. The live broadcast drew in 15.2 million viewers. An unsubstantiated survey reports that 15.1 million of them are still shocked that Jeff Daniels won. LATimes

Report: Jon Hamm to undergo throat surgery for vocal cord polyps. The actor will have the two polyps removed next week. No word on the future of his beard. New York Daily News.

Mumford & Sons taking 'a considerable amount of time off' after 'Babel' tour. The band is looking forward to some much needed free time. Us? Not so excited about it. Entertainment Weekly

Cher to launch Dressed to Kill Tour in 2014. "The Farewell Tour," Cher's last tour, ended in 2004. Apparently, the word farewell actually means goodbye for nine years. LATimes

Rihanna's Instagram pic of endangered slow loris prompts Thai authorities to arrest two men. We'll drink to that! E! Online