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Everything You Need To Know About Self-Publishing A Novel

This class pack will teach you how to get your book out in the world, one step at a time.


By The Beast

If you’ve ever dreamed of publishing a novel but haven’t been sure where to start, it might be time to get a little outside help. That’s where the eBook Self-Publishing Bundle comes in—it’s centered around teaching you how to break into the self-publishing world, one step at a time. You’ll learn everything from writing tips to eBook promotional tactics across these seven courses, which include:

Writing Productivity Habits. Writing isn’t easy. But it also doesn’t have to be painstakingly hard every minute of the process—and that’s where good working habits come in. In this course, you'll get guidance on how to create a routine conducive to churning out pages, as well as some handy tips on how to break down the writer’s block standing in your way.

Scrivener Simplified. Don't rely on Microsoft Word to churn out your best writing—turn to Scrivener instead. In this course, you'll learn all about this premiere book writing software and how to make it work best for your project.

So You Want To Self-Publish Your eBook? It’s certainly easier to bring a book into the world than it used to be, thanks to self-publishing. But it’s not always the right path for every author or project. This course will give you a breakdown of all the hoops you have to jump through in self-publishing to help you decide if it's the right option for you.

How to Build a Responsive Author Website. If your book gets published and no one knows about it—much less reads it—then what is the whole point? This course will teach you how to create an effective promotional website so your work can reach the readers it deserves.

Kindle Publishing. Most accomplished self-published authors achieve success because they know the secrets of the world's biggest book marketplace: Amazon. In this course, you'll learn how to market your book and research competitors, and get the facts about the formula for crafting a book description that sells.

Kindle eBook Formatting. No matter how excellent your published writing is, no one will be enticed to read it if it's poorly formatted. This course will teach you how to properly structure your book so that it’s optically enjoyable to read.

Kindle eBook Cover Design and Book Illustration. People always say not to judge a book by its cover… but an eye-catching cover might be the thing that gets a potential reader to crack the spine. This course will give you a deeper understanding of what works when it comes to cover design in your genre, and how to make your book stand out on the digital shelf.

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