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Exclusive: Take a Look Inside the Writers' Room of AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’

The show The Writers' Room takes audiences inside the writing rooms of some of the biggest shows on television. Here’s a sneak peek at the first episode featuring the team behind AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Mark Peterson

The final season of the hit AMC series Breaking Bad won’t premiere until Sun., Aug. 11, but the new television series The Writers' Room provides a rarely seen glimpse at what it takes to create these mesmerizing episodes. The original series, which delves into the writer’s rooms of several of television’s finest shows—including Game of Thrones, Parks and Recreation, New Girl, etc.—is presented by Sundance Channel and Entertainment Weekly, and will make its premiere on the evening of Monday, July 29, with the Breaking Bad episode.

The Writers' Room is hosted by Jim Rash, part of the Oscar-winning screenwriting team behind The Descendants who also plays Dean Pelton on the NBC series Community. He recently made his directorial debut—along with collaborator Nat Faxon—on the film The Way, Way Back.

Here’s the description of the Breaking Bad episode of The Writers' Room:

Visit the creative team behind Breaking Bad, the story of a terminally ill chemistry teacher who turns to a life of crime. Emmy-winner Bryan Cranston reveals the secret way he commemorated the end of the series, while Vince Gilligan relives the moment when a network executive told him that if he put the series on television “he’d be fired.” Join Cranston, Gilligan and the entire writing team as they divulge how they created the stories for a show that was recently named one of the best-written TV series of all time.