February 14: 7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk

Biden and Cheney trade blows, Rachel Maddow calls Rep. Schock a hypocrite, and Howie Kurtz says reporting on Gov. Paterson rumors is “humiliating.” That and more in our Sunday roundup.

Dick Cheney: Biden ‘Dead Wrong’ on Iraq

There wasn’t much love going around on the Sunday shows this week. Former Vice President Dick Cheney was back in the spotlight for a war of words with current VP Joe Biden. On ABC’s This Week, Cheney took Biden to task for comments he made about progress in Iraq being one of Obama’s—and not Bush’s—greatest achievements. He says he’s glad Biden now thinks the war was a success, but that he probably at least owes his predecessor a big pat on the back as well.

Joe Biden: Cheney Is Either ‘Misinformed or Misinforming’

Joe to Dick: Where have you been? In a taped interview with Meet the Press prior to Dick Cheney’s comments on This Week, Vice President Biden had a few words of his own for his predecessor. While Biden acknowledges that Cheney’s a “fine fellow,” he doesn’t think he should be trying to “rewrite history” without being challenged and with information that is factually incorrect.

Rachel Maddow Shocks Aaron Schock, Calls Him a Hypocrite

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow got into a bit of a sparring match with Rep. Aaron Schock on Meet the Press Sunday, and no, not about who has better abs. After Shock criticized the Obama administration for overspending and a failed stimulus, Maddow fires back pointing out that for as much as he complains about it, he has also been pretty quick to brag about programs in his district that resulted from the spending.

Liz Cheney Slams ‘Incompetent’ Obama Administration

Dick Cheney wasn’t the only family member who came out swinging Sunday. On the Fox News Sunday roundtable, the former vice president’s daughter Liz thrashed the current administration’s approach to national-security issues. She says the way they have dealt with Yemen and the handling of the underwear bomber, among other instances, illustrates “severe and clear incompetence.”

Biden Thanks Bush?

Touché? On Face the Nation, Joe Biden responded to Dick Cheney’s criticism of his assessment on who claims credit for success in Iraq. He says he isn’t really taking credit for the successes; they were taking responsibility for George Bush’s mess. Oh and by the way, he says, “thanks” for that.

Howie Kurtz: Gov. Paterson Debacle ‘Humiliating’ for Media

Is New York Governor David Paterson involved in a scandal or not? Rumors swirled this week in the blogosphere about a still yet-to-be-published article in The New York Times confirming a new embarrassment for Paterson. The gossip got so out of control that the governor himself felt compelled to respond to them even while there were no concrete facts on the table. On Reliable Sources, Howie Kurtz says this is “exhibit A” on why people have such disdain for journalists these days.

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Senator Kyl: Obama’s Health Summit Is ‘Pointless’

The Republicans have been asking for it for months, and President Obama finally conceded to a big televised health summit in which both sides can shares their ideas to help get health-care reform passed ASAP. But now, on State of the Union, Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl, says he wants nothing to do with this new bipartisan push, because the Democrats have already made up their minds and will do whatever it takes to “jam” the bill through Congress.