First Lady Melania Trump Swats President Donald Trump’s Hand—Again

The slap is back.

REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

The swat’s in style again.

As President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump flee the “witch hunt” in D.C. for a world tour, there have been ample opportunities to observe their forced interactions.

Monday in Tel Aviv, Melania’s casual batting away of her husband’s hand lit the internet on fire. Her “hand slap heard ’round the world… temporarily sated the public’s bottomless appetite to see President Trump denied what he wants in its most viscerally appealing manifestation,” Erin Gloria Ryan wrote.

It’s Tuesday—only Tuesday!—and the slap is already back.

As the Trumps arrived in Rome, Italy, to meet with Pope Francis, the president is captured yet again reaching for his wife’s hand. Take a guess at what happens.

So many hot takes.