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Five Outrageous Outbursts By Senate Candidate Steve Stockman

Since blaming Clinton for deaths at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Republican Senate candidate Steve Stockman has made some extraordinary claims.

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call,Tom Williams

Steve Stockman, the right-wing Texas congressman who announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate tonight in an interview with World Net Daily, has a history of outrageous statements, many of which come from his Twitter account @steveworksforyou which is run by Donny Ferguson, the former Republican congressman's close friend and communications director. Here are five of his most off-the-wall statements.

Babies, Guns And Abortion

In April, Stockman's Twitter account showed off the Congressman's newest bumper sticker, which simply said "If babies had guns, they wouldn't be aborted." The tweet came at the height over the controversy surrounding the criminal trial of Kermit Gosnell's unsanitary and uninspected late-term abortion clinic

Kinsey Was A Fraud

During Stockman's term in Congress in the 1990s, he went after the Kinsey Report, the epochal mid-20th century work by biologist Alfred Kinsey which chronicled human sexuality. Stockman introduced a bill trying to get the federal government to defund any programs based on Kinsey's work, which is the basis for all sex research and sex education since. At the time Stockman said "This indicates that the basis of sex education in America is a study of the systematic molestation of children as young as four-months-old. He went on to assail the state of sex education in the United States, saying that "Our children have been taught that they are sexual from birth, that any type of sex is a valid outlet for their emotions. They are taught that the problem with sex is not that it is wrong to engage in homosexual, bestial, underage, or premarital sex, but that it is wrong to do so without protection."

Obamacare Is Less Popular Than Chlamydia

In November, when the initial enrollment numbers for Obamacare were released, Stockman went on a Twitter offensive mocking the poor take-up. Perhaps the climax was when the Texas congressman tweeted "About 110,000 people contract chlamydia each month, more than signed up for Obamacare. Obamacare is less popular than chlamydia."

President Clinton Implicated in Waco Deaths

In the aftermath of the 1993 siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, Stockman accused the Clinton administration of executing the cult members who died as part of an effort "to prove the need for a ban on so-called 'assault weapons.'" In addition, the first term Texas congressman said: "Had Bill Clinton really been unhappy with what Attorney General Janet Reno ordered, he would not only have fired her, he would have had Reno indicted for premeditated murder."

The Crucifixion and Executive Nominations

What does filibuster reform have in common with the death of Jesus Christ? Quite a bit, according to Stockman. On November 21, the Texas congressman offered his own take on a White House tweet calling for up and down votes on nominations, ""Give us Barabbas!" MT @WhiteHouse Obama: “If you’ve got a majority of folks who believe in something, then it should be able to pass."." This was a reference to Barabbas, the prisoner whom the crowd chose to be released in the New Testament in place of Jesus. In a recent interview with World Net Daily, Stockman explained this tweet, saying “That’s in reference to mob rule. As you know, the mob ruled and killed Jesus, an innocent man (and spared Barabbas). We have a rogue Senate.”