Five Things to Watch at the GOP Convention Wednesday

From Paul Ryan to John McCain, The Daily Beast’s guide to which speeches to watch and which to skip.

As we’ve learned, nothing really good happens at this shindig before 7 p.m., so here’s what to look for after the Republicans get the party started on Day Two of the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Ron Paul Video

The congressman’s supporters may have caused a bit of a ruckus on the convention floor Tuesday, but Mitt Romney’s campaign will honor his former opponent Wednesday. The tribute is a sort of consolation prize for Paul’s team agreeing not to embarrass Romney with a delegate dispute.

Remarks by Sen. John McCain

At 8 p.m., the senator and former Republican nominee will speak. Known for his willingness to compromise with Democrats in Congress, McCain has been champing at the bit to help the Romney campaign. But instead of heeding the Arizona Republican’s advice, Romney has done more to embrace extreme parts of their party that frustrate McCain’s moderate sensibility. This should be interesting.

Bush 41, 43 Film

Father and son will be honored in a film Wednesday evening, yet neither of the former presidents Bush will be in the audience. Bush 43, for his part, has kept a low profile pretty much since leaving office, and Mitt Romney has made little effort to associate himself with W. While Bush 41 was quick to endorse the former Massachusetts government for president, he also confirmed back in July that he wouldn’t make an appearance at Mitt’s coming-out party. “President and Mrs. Bush are more convinced today than ever that we need to get behind Mitt and Ann Romney to help turn this country around, but sadly the situation around President Bush’s mobility will prevent them from attending the Tampa convention,” a Bush spokesperson explained.

Remarks by Mike Huckabee

This was supposed to take place on Monday but was postponed due to the weather. Wonder if Huck took the extra day to beef up his speech?

Remarks by Vice Presidential Nominee Rep. Paul Ryan

Next to Romney’s speech, this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The congressman from Wisconsin, author, and champion of his own House budget will make his first official speech as the Republican Party’s vice-presidential nominee.