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Five Ways ‘The Daily Show’ Has Savaged the Obamacare Rollout (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart made news with mocking of the health-care reform’s escalating troubles this week. But he’s been getting in digs since the mess began.

1. What November 30 Deadline?

The Daily Show host jumped at his latest chance to ridicule the Obamacare rollout on Thursday, when President Obama said he couldn’t guarantee an earlier pledge that the site would be fully operational by November 30: “Let me be clear. When I said, ‘November,’ I didn’t say which November.”

2. A Cringe-Worthy Sebelius Interview

Soon after’s initial October 1 rollout, Stewart didn’t mince words in his interview with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, calling the level of incompetence “larger than it should be.”

3. No, Isnt Really Fixed

Stewart was happy to report that there had been progress in fixing at the end of October. Unfortunately, the changes were only cosmetic, an embarrassment Stewart called a “site flub.”

4. The Weakest Link

Oops. Obama apologized for the site’s problems and tried to sell the American people on the Affordable Care Act at a press conference at the end of October, emphasizing that “the product is good.” Unfortunately, he came off as a pathetic salesman, according to Stewart, who asked, “When did the president of the United States turn into Gil from The Simpsons?”

5. Affordable Horror Story

Stewart knocked Obama for going back on his word that Americans could keep their existing health-care plan: “Wanna add any caveats to that? ’Cuz it sounds pretty definitive...”