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Footing the Bill

"My dream is to read 'Tuvia the Milkman' by Shalom Aleichem in its original language."--Yusuf Alkalai, Arab student of Yiddish at Bar-Ilan University.

  • Settlers call for end to use of security forces disguised as Arabs against Jews (settlers) - The Samaria Residents Committee demanded from the Minister of Interior Security to stop (undercover) activities usually used only against (Palestinians) after Maariv published photo of three police, [who were later beat up by the settlers.] (NRG Hebrew + PHOTO)
  • What happened to police officer in Pisgat Zeev (Jerusalem) who dared to rent his apartment to an Arab family? Neighbors got angry and put pressure on him. Neighbors say their struggle is not related to the 'Activists for Jewish Pisgat Zeev' group, which attacks Arabs in the neighborhood and their property. (Yedioth Jerusalem, p. 18)
  • Hundreds protest exclusion of women: one female student took off her shirt - Ultra-Orthodox who danced to loud music during Sukkot holiday in downtown Jerusalem asked female student Sarit Hashkes to leave the area. In response she took off her shirt, leaving only her bra. The ultra-Orthodox moved their celebrations elsewhere. (Maariv, p. 8)
  • The (Arab) handicapped children don't make it to nursery school: there is no escort to go on the bus with them - Six disabled children from E. Jerusalem are home since the start of school because the Jerusalem municipality and Alin (the society for disabled children) can't agree who should pay for a bus escort. (Yedioth Jerusalem, p. 32)
  • Pope addresses Middle Eastern Christians in Arabic - Arabic is added to the list of languages used by the Vatican, as Priests read a summary of the pope's Italian-language weekly address in Arabic for the first time; move stems from Vatican concerns over the dwindling Christian population in the Middle East. (Agencies, Haaretz)

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