Watch This!

Fox News Mourns the Supreme Court Obamacare Decision

Fox News’s reaction to SCOTUS’s ruling took a notably somber tone. Watch its anchors’ descent into gloom.

It’s Overturned!

Here’s a lesson in performing a colossal on-air flip-flop. Fox News took a cue from CNN and erroneously reported that the court ruled the health-care individual mandate unconstitutional. Too bad they went forward without getting all the facts—like the fact that the court actually upheld it.

Wait, No It’s Not!

And then there’s the awkward moment when you have to reverse your headline. Megyn Kelly stepped in to correct her co-workers’ report by walking back with “conflicting information.” Watch as the anchors realize their mistake and plead with viewers to understand “this is complicated” and to “be cautious with us, we’re trying to do the best we can.”

Reality Sets In

Who better to reflect Fox’s temperament than conservative mastermind Karl Rove? Fox News cut to Rove after learning the court’s (actual) decision, and not shockingly, he wasn’t thrilled. Watch his somber take on the ruling as the network’s mood spirals into funeral mode.

Money, Money, Money

Time to regroup and start asking questions. Fox’s in-studio panel of Bill Hemmer, Megyn Kelly, and Judge Andrew Napolitano started discussing how the new health-care tax will be implemented. “It’s the most bizarre tax in the history of the country, because it’s not related to your income,” Napolitano said.

Doomsday Scenarios Roll Through

Once everyone got the story straight, the doom and gloom really set in. Meghan Kelly led the charge with her take on how the ruling affects those on Medicaid, warning “tens of millions of Americans” may be affected if states don’t comply with the Medicaid provision. Then, moving on to how the ruling affects conservatives, Kelly reminded viewers “the Supreme Court just woke up a sleeping giant.” It’s on.