French Police Examining Pippa Gungate Photos

Police looking at pictures

The gun may be fake, but the bad news for Pippa is that French detectives are indeed examining the photographs which show her being driven through Paris by a friend as he brandishes a toy pistol.Prince William's sister-in-law was in an Audi convertible, seated next to the as-yet unidentified driver who was pointing what seemed to be a pistol at the photographer.Vicomte de Soultrait, whose party Pippa had been attending, can be seen in the back of the vehicle sporting a blue baseball cap while Miss Middleton, wearing a pair of dark glasses, is in the front, laughing as her friend points the gun.A police source told the Press Association: "We saw the pictures on the internet and we expect to receive more information on the subject. We are looking into it."If French authorities consider there is sufficient evidence for a prosecution, Miss Middleton and Mr de Soultrait could both be summoned to give evidence.The 28-year-old sister of the Duchess of Cambridge was driven to the Gare du Nord station to board a Eurostar train to London on Saturday when the photos were taken. She has been holed up at her parents house in the countryside today.