The News from Israel

From Mourning the Fallen to Celebrating Independence

"The myth that the other side yearns for the death of Israeli children is just that – a myth. I realize there are those who believe Remembrance Day is not the time to recognize the victims on the other side, but I disagree."--Ayelet Harel of Givatayim, whose brother Yuval was killed during the first Lebanon War, speaking at an alternative memorial service for the Jews and Arabs who fell in wars against each other.

  • Israel at 64: Population of 7,881,000 (Ynet)
  • East Jerusalem man, denied residency by Israel, effectively prisoner in own home - Interior Ministry refuses to recognize 21-year-old Amir Salima as resident of the city, despite the fact that his parents and siblings are all considered residents. (Haaretz)
  • Palestinian peace activists are sick of talking about soccer - The number of Israeli-Palestinian joint events has significantly dropped over the past few years. (Haaretz)
  • Obama: U.S. is steadfast in its commitment to Israel's security - Sends missive to President Peres on the occasion of Israel's 64th Independence Day. (Haaretz)
  • US, UN concerned over outpost legalization - Ban Ki-moon says 'deeply troubled' by decision to grant legal status to three outposts (Ynet)

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